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  • Prepurchase Exams
  • Routine physical exams
  • Blood work
  • Diagnostics
  • Vaccinations
  • Dental exams, floats, & extractions
  • Lameness evaluation and treatment
  • Breeding and maintenance of pregnancy
  • Post-foaling exams
  • Field surgery
  • Emergency care

Dental Float

Note the portable and padded headstand to keep your horse comfortable during the dental procedure.  The horse is backed in to the corner of the stall.  Access to electricity is needed.

equine dental float

Keeping the horses mouth in balance is very important for his health and comfort while carrying a bit.  Dr. Chapman recommends the average horse have a dental float every other year.  However, the conformation of horses mouths vary, so some horse will need it more often and some less often.
equine eye exam 

Whether it is a routine health exam, prepurchase exam, or insurance exam, Chapman Equine can do lameness test, blood work, teeth, eye exams, & more.

The flexion test (left) is an integral part of the lameness exam.  An exam of the mouth (above) can help determine age and determine if he is in need of dental work or when he may be due.

Vaccinations & annual check ups:
equine vaccinations 

Dr. Chapman can determine a vaccination protocol personalized for your horse.  A horse that is going to horse shows or events has different needs than the backyard horse that doesn't come in contact with other horses regularly.

Listening to the heart and gut sounds is an important part of an exam.  Dr. Chapman will also listen for sand in the digestive tract.  Sand can cause your horse to colic, so if present, it will need to be treated and preventative measures will need to be implemented to keep sand from accumulating again. 


Chapman Equine has a portable ultrasound machine and can assist getting your mare in foal, maintaining her pregnancy, and the post-foaling exam for the mare and foal.

Wound Treatment:

leg injury

Dr. Chapman cleaning a would on the fetlock of a horse.

Cleaning a wound on the side of a horse.


Rick irrigating the wound to make sure all debris is out.

Field Surgery
mobile vet truck 

Dr. Chapman's mobile vet truck is well stocked to provide quality care while in the field, even surgeries.
equine eye injury lower lid laceration 

Laceration on the upper eyelid.
Dr Chapman field surgery 

Dan suturing the eyelid.
eye injury 

Stitches are done.

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